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OCTOBER 2, 2008- AUGUST 21, 2009


ARTISTS LIST: Carlos Capelán, Máximo Gonzalez, Mauro Gonzalez, Mauro Ariel Koliva, Lucas Monaco, Ricardo Rendon



The horizon line, separating the earth from the sky, is rendered many times as a simple stroke but, in fact, is the observation of deep continuous space. Conceptually similar to a repeating decimal, which endlessly moves to infinity, this popular edge is also seen as an emotional trigger for the future and times past. Artists for centuries have interpreted this phenomenon balancing both the conceptual and emotional implications for the viewer to add on their own personal reading. Fine Line investigates this power of line and its multitude of symbolic, illusionary and physical qualities. Additionally, this exhibition goes a step further and asks three well-known artists from three distinct areas of the Americas to demonstrate their personal perception of the horizon, the ultimate fine line. Each artist will respond to a horizon line that has been drawn literally across the Museo walls. The line will be the constant for all three, yet the results will be unique revealing each artist’s point of view, history, and visual vocabulary.

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