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May 21 – September 13, 2015



ARTISTS: Carlos Aires, Jesse Amado, Man Bartlett, Matthew Chambers, Rebecca DiDomenico, Mark Hogensen, Cisco Merel, Jeanne Quinn, Xochi Solis, Penelope Umbrico.


Ten artists explore how our compulsive relationship with the flat screen and the Internet has changed our view of the world. Thousands of years prior to understanding the planet was round, humans believed the world was flat. Since then the world has turned through a succession of mechanical inventions including the combustion engine, air travel, and the computer chip. Today, our horizon line has been recast as the shortest distance between two computer-generated points. The ever-increasing speed of travel and communication has made virtual flatlanders of us all. Entering into dialogue with our technologically connected world, many twenty-first century artists utilize the flat screen, imitate flat imagery, and appropriate cultural patterns from across the globe. However, flat does not mean equal and flat does not mean level. Flatlander presents ten artists who meander unique paths across this flat world of commerce and culture, using form, process, and metaphor to map our diversified experiences.











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