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Conceptual Migrant Story #1

Updated: Nov 11, 2019


Patty was born in San Antonio, Tx., a daughter of two parents both born in Texas. Her grandmother on her mother’s side was born in Mexico. Her grandfather on her mother’s side and both her grandparents on her father’s side were all born in the US, descedants of the small indigenous tribes of south Texas. When her father was a boy, his family migrated every summer up to Michigan for work. Patty’s mother was born with a vision defect that made her legally blind most of her life and unable to work. Her parents both lived all of their adult lives in the same house with her father working as a civil government employee until his retirement. They were both smart beautiful people. After graduate school, Patty moved to Denver Colorado to practice as an artist. She worked in Denver as an artist, a college professor, museum director, and curator. Then in 2009 she reverse migrated back to San Antonio, Texas to work for an arts center and be near her elderly parents. As an artist, she has moved to Syracuse NY for a year to work in a community residency. She worked in San Diego, CA doing a project for a gallery. She worked back in San Antonio to do two art projects there. Then she worked on a project in Boulder Colorado living in the basement of a friend. She is mirroring her father’s early circular migration pattern after she has now bought a place in Brooklyn and is currently moving back and forth from San Antonio to Brooklyn and is moving back and forth to do a project in Boston, MA. In 2020 she will be in residence in Santa Fe, NM doing an art project there for two months.

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