JULY 15 – SEPTEMBER 5, 2016


San Diego, CA

WWKY Workforce: Miah Spring Carabajal, Davide Carpano, Cassius Crawford, Dwight Hobart, Gin Nguyen, Margarita Lucy Novelo, Grace Elizabeth Oliver, and Elvis Tello


Work Wont Kill You focused on the University Street retail corridor of the North Park neighborhood as a place in which to demonstrate the value of work through the fabrication, sale, purchase and consumption of marketable objects. Using the very medium of commercial exchange, money itself, as raw material for a finished product, workers sewed actual dollar bills into shopping bags. These “money” bags were made to be sold as artwork. The WWKY workers invested proceeds from these sales back into the economy by shopping in local retail establishments and buying goods or services that are significantly characteristic of the retail corridor. The workers subsequently documented, catalogued and archived objects purchased in these transactions as museum quality artifacts thereby correlating the circular flow of economic value with the aesthetic elevation of everyday objects.


Shopping bag artworks were for sale and are available by emailing:


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bathroom sign

This bathroom sign is not only a symbol of where one can use the restroom, it is also a symbol of Art Produce’s ethos. Art Produce provides a vital space for the community in which people from all walks of life can engage meaningfully with art as a part of their day-to-day lives. This sign reminds us of 2016 bathroom debate in North Carolina where an ordinance was passed by the city of Charlotte allowing all citizens to use whatever bathroom they want based on their gender identity was overruled