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WORKFORCE: Yvonne Montoya, David Yuerta, Cecily Fergeson, Carlie Kitchen, Rolando Medina and Martha Searcey.

Work Won’t Kill You: Worksite was a nine-day experiment in the structure of work and worker's satisfaction. The directives to workers were repetitive and mundane. By making the perimeters simple the art project revealed that even in a highly regulated work environments, workers will find a way to express themselves and leave their mark. This experiment considered the conflict between order and absurdity, focusing on when and how the worker might choose to act, invent or rebel.  The exhibition featured “glamour” shots of workers in their uniforms, time sheets instead of exhibition labels, and work tools such as pins and needles as if they were museum artifacts. A monitor showed the work in-process. 


MARCH 9 - 17, 2015

San Antonio, TX

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