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My name is Soledad and I am a conceptual migrant. I left Havana, Cuba in January of 1962. I left because I was seeking asylum from the government. After leaving Havana, Cuba, I made my way to New York City. I settled in the Bronx and helped raise my nieces and nephews. In 1965, I left the Bronx and went to live in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I moved to San Juan when my sister was moving there with her children as well. I wanted to be with her and also my nieces and nephews. In 1985, I left San Juan, Puerto Rico and headed to Boston, Massachusetts. I made this move as my niece and nephew were starting college in Boston. I wanted to be there for them as their parents had to stay in Puerto Rico. In 1990, I became a United States Citizen. In 2016, I moved to Miami, Florida as my sister and brother-in-law asked me to move-in with them and I wanted to escape the cold of Boston. I currently live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and plan on staying here for the remainder of my life. I am 88 years-old and have raised nine different children. I never had my own children or got married, but I am always surrounded by family.

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